What does the formula mean?

This is the formula we use to calculate how much wealth can be generated through compounding. To find out what it means to you, call us today for an appointment with one of our Income Investment experts.


Our goal is to make your wealth useable.

Useable Wealth generates income
that meets and exceeds your
current requirements.

We invite you to start a conversation with us if you…

Are an individual or institution depending on an ongoing stream of income

Our clients are seeking income, wealth creation, saving for retirement, funding philanthropic endeavors, or building wealth for their families.

Agree our income strategy can create Usable Wealth

Essentially, we seek and manage investment assets that yield high rates of income. We then compound the Usable Wealth generated from that income.


When your wealth generates income in excess of your needs, your wealth renews itself. Conservation of your wealth occurs as you reinvest income.

Discover the power of compound income, the most potent force of growth in our financial markets.

We are proud to have been awarded the PSN Top Guns 3 Stars in the PSN Fixed Income Municipal universe for having the best 3 year performance – among 181 strategies – for the period ending September 30, 2014.