Insight and rigor direct our approach to asset selection and management.

Our objective is singular: to help our clients grow and preserve their wealth for the future. Thus, our investment process is grounded in thorough security analysis and comprehensive due diligence. The result is that the interests of our clients are completely and consistently at the forefront of our efforts.

Sector Specialization
The focus sectors in our high yield bond arena include charter schools, senior living and service facilities, and logistical centers. We favor project- or facility-specific revenue bonds that are collateralized by property, plant or equipment.

Evaluation and Selection
Bonds that meet our selection criteria typically fall in the $5 – $30 million range. We prefer to work with experienced managers that have proven track records in managing a particular facility sector.

Risk Management
To mitigate risk in bond investing, we seek opportunities to purchase an entire bond issue and act as the “single-handed” bondholder representative on our clients’ behalf. In this position, our clients’ income goals are paramount in every investment decision; we negotiate bond terms to favor our clients and encourage bond issuers to pre-pay debt with excess working capital.