Our Firm

We are pleased to welcome you to Greenwich Investment Management’s new web presence. We invite you to explore our mission, strategies, talented investment and operations teams, all of which combine to produce our uncommon approach to wealth preservation and management.

We believe in the power of compound income, especially on a tax-exempt basis, to help investors grow and sustain their wealth. This is not a new concept, of course—the idea of compounding returns was developed over many centuries by some of the savviest financial minds in history.

But wise investors do not learn only from their mistakes; they also learn from other smart investors how to avoid mistakes altogether. As an example, our investment approach is based on Inside the Yield Book, the seminal work on bond investing by Martin L. Leibowitz and Sidney Homer, particularly the lessons on yield and return volatility as discussed in Chapter Two.

At GIM, we emphasize leadership over hierarchical authority. We employ talented individuals who share our commitment to client-focused service and possess the requisite skills to execute our strategies with precision and integrity. Our associates have played integral roles in the financial services industry throughout their impressive careers and most have been with our firm since its inception, an apt reflection of their talent and commitment.

We invite qualified investors to contact us for an introductory meeting to determine whether our investment strategies might suitably address their overall financial objectives.


L. George Rieger

A Client-Focused Approach to Service

Our investment strategies are most appropriate for sophisticated investors, including: high-net-worth individuals and families; financial executives, entrepreneurs and corporate directors; charitable organizations and foundations.

Clients can expect the full attention of our associates at all times as they deliver the following vital benefits:

  • Access to senior firm executives and portfolio managers.
  • Full transparency and complete control of assets with independent custodians.
  • A unique Statement of Investment Objectives (SIO) to direct the execution of our investment strategies around each client’s specific needs.
  • Judicious portfolio management emphasizing low turnover and minimizing tax liability as much as possible.

A Team of Dedicated Professionals

Our associates possess all of the skills requisite to executing our strategies with precision and integrity. These talented individuals share our commitment to client-focused service; they deliver the high level of quality and dedication that we expect from our employees—and that our clients deserve.

Community Participation

The responsibility with which we serve as stewards of our clients’ wealth also extends to serving the communities in which we live and work. Our associates are actively involved in sharing their time and talents with charitable and service groups in their local communities to help them achieve the goals so vital to many. It is also a privilege to offer financial support to many philanthropic and non-profit organizations that are committed to improving the welfare of individuals and creating opportunities for others to attain success on their own terms.